Welcome to BirdsofAustralia.video

I am a bird watcher based in Canberra, Australia.   In such a place it is hard to not to notice the rich and unique bird fauna of Australia.  As part of my personal record and memory of what I’ve seen I started taking video and since 2010 I have filmed hundreds of our bird species in the wild and this continues.

The number of bird species that can be seen here is now 351 (as of  2 July 2017).  

I hope this site is enjoyable for both to local and international viewers. I will add footage for new species when I get the opportunity and will also add more and upgraded footage of species already depicted.

There are many bird photographers with heavy duty gear who are able to freeze action and get close far better than I can.  I am not trying to compete.  For me, video is a different medium that gives the viewer a chance to experience bird behaviour, movement, character and most importantly sound as you are likely to experience it. Photos do not do that.

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My films of wildlife in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere are hosted by Vimeo at  https://vimeo.com/thegreeneye.

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