Help to play videos

Playing videos on this site – some suggestions

Video on this website is hosted by Vimeo.   Important controls of the Vimeo player are shown below


Your ability to play these videos successfully will depend on your computer, tablet etc. and on the speed of your internet connection.  Every situation is different.

If you have problems with loading and playing videos you can do several things

  1. Check and if need be reduce the video definition using the ‘HD’ control in the far right of the player.  Video has been loaded to the site as HD 720p or from 2016 on as Full HD 1080p.  The Vimeo player will automatically downgrade video definition depending on conditions it finds on a PC/Mac. It will do the same with to play on mobile devices, however you may need to play with this setting.
  2. Press play then immediately press it again to pause, this will allow the video to load without playing, as will be seen with the expanding ‘Portion buffered’ line.  When this line has made it about half way across the screen then press play again.
  3. Use a faster internet connection if one is available, the time of day can make a difference.
  4. If a video is played at 720p or above it is best viewed at full screen.  To do this click on the ‘play at full screen’ symbol.  Once video has played follow on-screen instructions to turn it off.  You may also simply click on  ‘play at full screen’ again to return to the small video frame.